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We’ve collected the following videos, which give an overview of topics that our members find of interest.

Using DNA Testing in Modern Genealogy

This video is not from either our project or FTDNA, yet it contains information that is useful for understanding DNA Testing.

How to Take a Family Tree DNA Test

DNA Structure & Testing : What Is Recombinant DNA?

DNA Structure & Testing : What Are the Four Nitrogenous Bases of DNA?

DNA Structure & Testing : How Does DNA Replication Work?

DNA Structure & Testing : What Is DNA Semi-Conservative Replication?

DNA Structure & Testing : How Much of DNA Is Untwisted During Replication?

DNA Structure & Testing : DNA Extraction

The Human Genome Project Video – 3D Animation Introduction

Mitochondrial DNA

SNPs – Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms


The Origin of Europeans: The Y-DNA haplogroups