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The Family Line of Thomas Manley (circa 1715) St. Mary’s Co., MD. Through his grandson, Basil Charles Manley

DNA Test Kit# 11775

*Family lines of descent with photos included at bottom of page

Haplogroup R1b1b2

PANEL 1 (1-12)
Locus 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
DYS# 393 390 19* 391 385a 385b 426 388 439 389-1 392 389-2
Alleles 13 24 14 11 11 14 12 12 12 13 13 30
PANEL 2 (13-25)
Locus 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
DYS# 458 459a 459b 455 454 447 437 448 449 464a** 464b** 464c** 464d**
PANEL 3 (26-37)
Locus 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37
DYS# 460 GATA H4 YCA II a YCA II b 456 607 576 570 CDY a CDY b 442 438

12 Marker Comparisons

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Family History Outline
This branch descends from Gov. Charles and a an indentured servant, believed to be from the Dominican Republic.

Through Charles’ son, Trim and his wife Corrinia there were at least eight children.  Among those children were Alexander born 1866, Frank born 1869 and Henry born 1879.

Alexander and Frank were publishers of the Wilmington Daily Record which was destroyed in 1898 at the outset of the Wilmington Riots, the brother being cited for inciting the riots because of articles they published and wrote about the lynching of untried black males.

The brothers made their way to Washington, DC where they are found as single men, living together on the 1900 census record. One point of interest is that this family’s oral tradition has the matriarch as being from The Dominican Republic, though on census records, Trim lists both parents as having been born in NC.

Family Gedcom Outline

*1st Generation
John Manley of England or Ireland (circa 1650)
Settled in MD after arriving in Point Comfort, VA.

*2nd Generation
Thomas Manley
b. Abt. 1717
d. Died aboard ship during 1755-1757
bur. Unknown
m. Unknown date, St. Mary’s County, MD
Spouse. Mary Ford

*3rd Generation

John Basil Manley

Basil Manley/Manly
John Basil Manley
b. June 8, 1742 St. Mary’s County, MD
d. May 15, 1824 Chatham County, NC
bur. Oak Mount Plantation Cemetery
m. 1793 Fayetteville, NC
Spouse. Elizabeth Maultsby aka Maultby

*4th Generation

Governor Charles Manley

Charles Manley (Gov. NC)
b. May 13, 1795 NC
d. May 1, 1871, Chatham County, NC1
bur. Oak Mount Plantation Cemetery, NC
Partner. Unknown (Possibly Lydia)

*5th Generation

Trim Manly

Trim aka Titmouse Manly
b. 1835, North Carolina
d. Unknown
bur. Unknown
m. Unknown date Spouse. Corina

*6th Generation
Frank Manly
Frank G. Manly
Circa 1870-?
b. 1869-1871 North Carolina
d. Unknown
bur. Unknown
m. Unknown date Spouse. Mattie

*7th Generation
John B. Manly

John B. Manly, Capt.
1910 – December 27, 1984
b. 1910, Alabama
d. December 27, 1984 Amityville, NY
bur. Calverton National Cemetary, Long Island, NY
m. 1944 Spouse. Louise Jacobs, 1st Lieutenant

*8th-11th Generations

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  • Erin Manly Lahey:

    This is my family, my paternal grandfather was Frank and my grandfather was John B. Manly. My dad is John Benson Manly Jr. and I have 2 brothers John B Manly III and Michael Manly.

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