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Do bats scream?

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Last night around two AM I heard a blood curling screams and It was coming from my front yard. I first checked on the dogs and they where going absolutely nuts trying to go out the front door to get to it. The cats where also heading out the kitty door to investigate.

I had no clue what was screaming, it sounded like something was getting murdered but all my kids where accounted for, so I knew they weren't hunting. I turned on the lights in the front yard and took a flash light and went out to see what was going on.

The screams where coming from the juniper tree and as I walk to it is started to hiss and scream louder.  :fainting: I couldn't see anything but the closer I got the more my hair on my arms stood up. I finally had enough and turned to get back into the house and here the damn cats came running behind me to get into the door and scared the shit out of me.

I was telling Kay about this and she said I bet it was a bat! Do bats scream? This scream woke me up with the TV on, it was that LOUD!

This morning I let the dogs out to run and they went right for the tree and smelled around the tree like crazy. We found nothing.

I'm staying in tonight! I never even thought of a bat!
 :run for the hills: :run for the hills: :run for the hills: :run for the hills:

Um, I don't know, but your title made me choke on my coffee!  :lol:

They may be bats or just crazy birds.  I'd bet on bats though.  We have bats here and they sound creepy.

Your story gave me chills!!

I so want to say...."ask Cat" but that would be really rude!   :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I have no idea Tammy.....sure it wasn't a cat in the tree?  

Oh no, it wasn't a cat. The tree is so dence that a cat could never fit into the branches but it didn't sound like a cat at all.

It was a sound I have never heard before, I though maybe some type of bird but when it hissed I didn't have a clue. Like I said I never even thought of a bat.  :fainting:

I was really hoping to find a dead creature in the yard but nothing.


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